About us

picture of 4 women standing close together & smiling
Welcome to our website! We are Nikki, Emma, Tamara & Puck - close friends and avid fans of fantastical stories and good cups of tea. We hope to share this love for tea and reading with you through our thoughtfully curated bookish blends. The Tea Coven started as a fun idea at a bookish convention, where we talked about how we wanted to have special teas for our favourite books. A seed was planted, and soon blossomed into concrete plans. The Tea Coven is a start-up business, and run by the four of us in our spare time. We hope that we can make our little business bloom - we have some amazing plans for it!

With love,
Nikki, Emma, Tamara & Puck

Wanna know our favourite books & teas? ♡

Nikki, Gemini, loves Throne of Glass, Six of Crows and Rebel of the SandsEmma, Sagittarius, loves Poison Study, His Dark Materials and Fable
Tamara, Cancer, loves Six of Crows, If We Were Villains and Vicious
Puck, Capricorn, loves Red Rising, Life of Pi and Crescent City
Do we have any favourites in common? Do let us know on instagram!